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Welcome to Ryslig's test drive meme! If you're considering apping here, this is where you can try your characters out in the game's setting. A few things to note:

  • Lots of people have asked good questions on the FAQ, so do take a look.
  • You can only app ONE character per round so choose wisely.
  • The reserve date has been announced.
  • Test drive meme threads can be used for your roleplay sample!
  • NEW! Players with characters already in the game can earn up to a maximum of 3 coins by replying to potential character threads! You will need to have your normal 20 comment AC in the game. You cannot use this to go over the bonus 10 coins per month total, but you can use it if you are missing some threads to reach that coin total. Same rules as normal bonuses apply.

Sample scenarios:
SCENARIO ONE: So you've just arrived, fresh out of the hospital, and already the natives are trying to get on your good side. Offers of food, shelter and other luxuries in return for hoping you don't eat them. They even have some helpful pamphlets to share with you. "How To Deal With Changes", "Alternatives to Human Flesh", "What to Expect When You're Expecting (to turn into a monster)" are all great pamphlets. There's even some detailing certain monsters, and the changes they go through.

Among these however, are some... not so helpful ones. "Bunnyipyips And You", "Axe Thief Axehounds," and "So you're becoming a Fur Bearing Trout" among others.

SCENARIO TWO: You've become hopelessly lost in Lager Woods. Paths don't seem to lead where you remember them leading, and you feel as if you're going around in circles. Childlike giggling can be heard from no direction in particular. Suddenly, you stumble upon another character, who seems to be just as lost as you! Perhaps you can find a way out together.

SCENARIO THREE: You've heard about the fog, but you've never seen it before. Now, the mist surrounds you. Barely able to see before you, you need to get home - and fast. It's far too dangerous in this situation.

SCENARIO FOUR: The time has come and you've found yourself becoming a monster. Is the change instant, or gradual? Are you familiar enough with monsters to know what's happening, or is it a complete shock? NOTE: Feel free to pick any monster type for this prompt, but note that you may not get the same one in game.
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mairon [sauron] | tolkien legendarium, whatever you wanna call it. mid-numenorean canonpoint.

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[he's too tall.

for a moment, mairon wonders if that's why all these people are offering food and shelter, a place to hit the hay while his clothes dry, new clothes, even. why they're trying to be helpful without offering any useful information.

the 'alternatives to human flesh' pamphlet is quite amusing, and he can be found reading it outside a humble hovel, adorned with sparse trinkets and jewelry not of this land, a blanket around his shoulders while waiting for his clothes to dry over the generous homeowner's hearth.]


[is it still considered lost if one wanders off the path on purpose? perhaps he's still unaccustomed to being so vulnerable, but he doesn't look like he can't find his way. in fact, he's found exactly where he wants to be. nowhere.

the silence is what hits him first. giggling aside, the woods are... quiet. nothing sings. and he realizes, it's not just because he can't hear this world's voice. he can't hear any of the songs at all. even his own is a flat tone, nothing more than a simple sound. and rather than seeking out the noisy and the clamorous, he seeks the silent. the still.

when stumbled upon, he'll be found quietly picking splinters out of his knuckles.]
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hello I am late

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[It's a pretty stupid decision AM makes, all things considered, for him to wander alone into an unfamiliar forest.

It's barely been a few days since he woke up in this human form - a simple blink of an eye in this body compared to the centuries he had lived as an unfeeling machine. Everything is foreign to him. This body, this land, every single sensory input. He's a completely different creature. He's alive and free. And vulnerable.

At first it had been to feel the breeze, to feel the grass, to smell the fresh air. As long as he's stuck in this human form, he's going to enjoy it and experience everything he never could. But his shock and haste in overloading his senses has let AM temporarily forget about the immense vulnerability of a human body. And as he wanders more and more, the realization slams into him. He was too quick to act on immense emotion, and now he can't find the way back to where he came.

As the hours pass, the giggling doesn't relent. He's tried to find the source to no avail, and it only serves to enrage him. (Of course it does. It's something he's inflicted on his victims many times before; of course it would only come back to haunt him.)

It's actually a relief when he finds a human. This could mean the way out of this forest and back to wherever he came from - a way back to discovering how he got here and how he received this human form. AM is tired, of course, from this constant wandering. When he speaks, it's in irritation.]


Tell me how to get out of here.
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hi late, i'm dad

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[his hearing is lessened so greatly-- what mairon might have once heard coming from miles away he now only hears from several feet away. so it is no surprise that is, indeed, surprised to find he that he has company, given by the way his head jerks up and spins around.

if he is offended by am's demeanor, it doesn't show. whatever they have done to his body, it hasn't affected his mind. which is unfortunate, really-]

..You could go back the way you came. [-because he isn't feeling particularly helpful, even if he smiles congenially.] I came here to be lost myself. I would not know the way out.
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wow rude

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[AM is less inclined to be pleasant or polite with this man in the forest. He'll put on a facade for the humans to protect himself in this vulnerable form, but now that doesn't even matter. He is tired and thirsty, sweating from exhaustion and fear - and these are all things he has never experienced before. No wonder he's so very irritated, nearly at the end of his rope.

At that first comment, AM feels heat rise to his face in frustration. He gives a distinct glare at first, but it softens slightly upon hearing that he's not the only lost one here. But only for a moment. Having another lost person is not going to help.

So what does he do? He laughs harshly. It's either that or lash out, so his anger comes out in the form of this bitter laugh.]

I do hope you're joking!
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i think what the world really needs is dad joke rebuttals.

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[it's not joy he finds in the other man's situation, but mairon laughs all the same, far more pleasantly and far less harshly.]

Oh, how I wish I were. [he picks a few more splinters from his skin and shakes out his hand gingerly. the rest can wait.] But I have grown weary of the silence, so I will walk with you to find civilization again, if you like. It would be better than being lost on one's own.

[misery loves company, as they say, though it will be several miles and a long time yet before he feels miserable himself.

or sooner, if the dawning pangs of hunger in his belly have anything to say about it.]
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mairon and am walk into a bar. ouch.

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[AM figures that the other man has not been lost for terribly long, or else he's simply not bothered by everything wrong here. This observation makes him want to deck this human even more, because one of the last things he wants in this situation is to deal with a polite human who likely mocks him for this.

But there's a better chance of getting out of here if they work together, and AM can't deny that. It will be better than the taunting laughter, the source of which he still could not find. And that thought alone is enough to make him agree to the idea.]

Yes, it would. [He calms slightly, still very much on edge but not quite so fiery. The human will distract him from his aches and growing thirst.]

How long have you been out here?
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am walks into the bar, mairon stands by pretending he's not laughing.

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[being made human (or mannish, valar forbid they use the same terms for anything) has instilled no more of a politeness or survival instinct in mairon than he'd ever had. while he is disturbed and somewhat worried at not being able to judge the other man's state by any means other than these measly five senses, it doesn't do anything to make him more cautious.]

A day, perhaps. A week. [...oh, wait.] Unless you meant here in this forest-- maybe an hour or more? [a quick glance to the sky, as though he could catch some glimpse of the sun's (or moon's, whatever they have here) position.] How do you people manage to tell time?

[well. regardless. mairon takes a moment to figure out which direction he'd come from and start walking that way.]
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am then shoves mairon's stupid face into the bar!!!!

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[The man is too polite for this situation in AM's view. Whether intentional or not. Then again, any sort of disposition this man could have would irritate AM all the more - unless said disposition immediately brought AM back to the entrance of this forest.

When AM is about to snap that he means the time lost in the forest, his question is answered and he finds his stream of angry thoughts interrupted. "You people"? Where is this person even from? Obviously neither of them have watches or other timepieces, so this is mostly estimation. The possibilities of this man's origin run through AM's mind, and his curiosity is mildly piqued.

As he walks on, AM hurriedly catches up and takes a long look over his companion's figure. Nothing unusual - simply human-looking, just like AM himself. But at least in AM's case, appearances are deceiving. In a voice that is somewhat quiet but enunciated with irritation, he answers the comment about timekeeping.]

Well yes, several hundred years ago time was told by looking at the sun's position.

Do you not have a fancy watch on you?
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wow at least buy him a drink first and also make sure to use lube

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Where and when I am from, watch has not yet come to mean anything more than to observe. But I presume you speak of a physical object. Something to tell time? A portable hourglass, perhaps? My, that would be quaint. [he sounds more fascinated than irritated-- and despite his being human now, he can still hear the slight irritation in this man's tone.

it doesn't perturb him the least.]

We have sundials. [added as a matter of fact in a musing tone.] But if we knew which way was north now, we would not be so lost.

[he seems thoughtful for a moment, then looks over at the other man, raising both brows.]

..Enjoying the sights?
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[Sundials, of course. An inefficient way of measuring time until the concepts of minutes and seconds came about. At one point AM always knew the particular time: the year, day, minute, second, nanosecond, and beyond - of what the humans had deemed the era of their lord, the inaccurate measurement of the years beyond the birth date of their messiah. Or one of them. The most dominant one in Western culture, that is. But no messiah could ever outdo AM, that is, until now.

And he's back to square one, not knowing how he has been uprooted from his nigh invulnerable system to this weak human form. He no longer has that internal clock constantly reading the precise time. It's such a foreign feeling, like he's been robbed of a vital sense.

But it seems rather silly that this man wouldn't know what a watch is. Surely he expects more from even a lowly human.]

Sundials. [He repeats back the word in mild amusement.] Rather imprecise compared to a watch, but it'll do.

And I suppose you don't know what a compass is either?

[There's nothing enjoyable about the sights anymore. Earth had lost any greenness it had centuries ago; while the sight of a lush forest is fresh and welcoming, he's been lost for hours and the bad outweighs the good.

He huffs at the question, irritation once more returning to his voice.]

I enjoy knowing where I am.
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I count in weeks and fractions of days, not hours. [and years. and centuries. and millennias. for something like that, days is far accurate enough.] ...I have heard of lodestones, but never needed one myself to find my way.

[west has always been simple to identify. feel the wind, watch the swaying of grass, see the growth of moss on a tree. hear the music from the earth. everything tries to draw you west.

everything here seems to want them to get even more lost. well, that and he can't hear anything beyond what the average hears anymore. can't see beyond the average. he feels blinded and deafened, lessened. was melian the same when she took physical form?]

I know I am not in the same land I once was. I know I am not.. what I once was. And that we must do as strangers do in a strange land, in strange forms. [a smile and a tip of his head. maybe he's joking, maybe he isn't.]

Do you suppose anyone will hear us if we shout for help?
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[The possibility of this man not being human does run across AM's mind. After all, who is to say that others haven't been ripped from other dimensions and placed into human vessels? If some force was able to accomplish what AM, with all his power, could not, then what else is possible?

This could all be one large simulation, some omnipotent computer and its warped version of karma. It's a fleeting thought, all too disturbing and yet entirely makes sense.

He turns his head toward the other, eyebrows raised in curiosity.]
Not what you once were? Pray tell the specifics of that statement.

[It may be obvious in AM's case, with his stiff gait, with his expressions and movements that seem either exaggerated or not quite there. It will take a long time to get used to this body.]

I doubt shouting will do any good. I've yet to find the source of that incessant giggling, so who is to say others would find us?
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[he watches am carefully, keeping his expression mildly neutral and... polite. maybe even infuriatingly so.]

It means what it means. I do not expect everyone here to have always been.. as they are now. [perhaps speaking out of personal experience. not that he would say it outright. who knows how safe it is to admit something like that, in a world where monsters are so.. highly feared and revered.]

Well, we are lost, more likely than not. Unless we are more afraid of attracting whatever it is laughing at us than we are of remaining lost out here.

[..which he should be. given the state he's in at the moment, no matter how accustomed he seems to be with his form. but it takes a little bit longer to remember that fact.]
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[AM says nothing to give away that he's not human. Even if the body language may seem unnatural to observers, he will not take any chances just yet. Don't ask, don't tell, he figures.

In a way, AM is afraid. He hates the vulnerability of this body and how unused to it he is. If he cannot find a way back to civilization or find a way to survive in this forest, he could indeed die or become so severely impaired. But he doesn't recognize it as fear. It's just anger and irritation, a growing impatience with this whole situation.

So of course he's not afraid of attracting the source of the laughing; he's merely angry at it, angry at the unknown. So he scoffs at the notion.]

I simply mean that producing noise would not guarantee anyone finding us, since we have not found whoever is laughing.

[How much does he have to explain? Is this human a hindrance or a help?]

I suggest we move and take note of any landmarks.